About me

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with an ambition to change the world or a merchant with a passion for Internet-based selling, welcome to my blog, where you can gain tips and advice on all things eCommerce from a self-made guru with a 7-figure store. 

Where it begins

It all started when I put aside my corporate job as a marketing manager 6 years ago to pursue what I’ve always wanted: building an online business of my own. After constant ups and downs, all my efforts eventually paid off when I got to do what I love and earn a comfortable income from it

Why eComVeteran

With what I’ve been through, I know how challenging it is to succeed in this field. So I built this blog site to share with you what I think might be helpful – my findings from 6 years of launching, running, and optimizing my online business from the ground up.

I hope my tips and tricks can help you grow more sales, make more profit, and most importantly, scale up your business to a 6-figure or even 7-figure store like I do!


Contact Me

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